A co-operative focused on the representation and support of professional athletes playing in, residing in, or originally from, the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

01. Services

As a professional athlete, you are a small business off the field/court.

We specialize in:

  • Personal
  • Charitable
  • Marketing
  • Special Events

02. Case Studies

We have a diverse resume of management experience.

Our group has several years of training in many fields including, small business development, special projects, and foundation/charitable development.

  • Small Business:

    Adonal Foyle Enterprises LLC

    A complete management program for NBA player.

    Developed and implemented a customized athlete matrix to manage the off the court affairs of a professional basketball player. Included working in concert with Team Administration, League Officials, Agent, Financial Advisor, Accountant, and Family Members.

  • Small Business:

    Time Out Real Estate LLC

    Real Estate offerings designed to accommodate the seasonal needs of professional athletes.

    Developed Small Real Estate Business operation. Including compliance, identity, website, and operational plan. Facilitated research, evaluation, and purchasing of Real Estate Properties in several US Markets.

  • Special Project:

    Adonal Foyle Island Basketball Camps

    Youth Sports Camp.

    Created and developed top-flight international basketball camp. Including planning and development, event production, staffing, travel arrangements, sponsorships, and marketing.

  • Special Project:

    MLB World Series "Hometown Hero" Viewing Event

    Special Theater Showing of Professional Sporting Event.

    Planning and development of special viewing event of 2009 MLB World Series. Handled legal compliance, venue negotiations, creative services, event production, sponsorships, marketing.

03. Resources

We offer a variety of resources to support every facet of an athlete’s life.

This includes a vast network of highly respected professionals in the specialties of:

• Agent / Legal Representation
• Personal Finance / Asset Management
• Performance Coaching
• Public Relations
• Graphic Design
• Real Estate

04. Contact

We look forward to hearing from you.

P.O. BOX 415
San Ramon, CA 94583

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